Made by masaru9002

Introduction 📌

Dori, the travelling Mora-loving merchant from Sumeru now brings the entirety of Teyvat to her customers' fingertips via Discord! Using Dori, you can spend Mora and Primogems to Wish for your favorite Genshin characters, and the currency can be earned from many unique and entertaining minigames! Dori is purely for fun, so there is no administration required. Content on Dori is not related to the official game Genshin Impact by Hoyoverse nor does it affect your game account in any way. Dori uses only slash commands. Type "/help" for information on each command.

Wishing 🌠

Dori has a wishing system 99.9% accurate to the actual game, all hand-made, home-made and made with love 💗. That includes the general rates, four star rates, five star rates, rate-up, 50/50, soft pity and hard pity. You can choose from a list of banners that are always up-to-date with the actual game and are available from the latest version to many older versions. You can also wish from the standard banner. There are currently no weapon banners, sorry. You can either do a single pull or 10 pull on either banner. This costs "Primogems" (the bot's currency). New users, however, get 14400 Primogems for the first time using Dori - enough for 90 pulls! To begin wishing, for limited banner, type:

/wish limited 10pull or /wish limited single

For standard banner, type:

/wish standard 10pull or /wish standard single

If you have not wished yet, you will be shown a list of banners you can choose from.

After you have chosen, just simply type the command again!

How to get Currency 💎

Currency - Primogem and Mora, can be obtained from daily rewards using the slash command:


Getting Primogems

If you want more Primogems, you can use Mora to buy them (1000 Mora is equivalent to 1 Primogem). Simply type:

/convert [mora]

Getting Mora 👛

You can get Mora from different minigames (/poker, /flags, /trivia, /slots). These can be played alone or with your friends in the same channel. The more the merrier!

Poker (Singleplayer) 🃏

Rules can be read when a Poker game is about to start (if you play Granblue, yes, it is that kind of Poker). You can start the game by typing the command:

/poker [mora] (The amount of Mora you want to bet)

Trivia Game (Multiplayer) 🧠

A super fun game to play with your friends! There is a wide variety of categories to choose from and you can manually set the number of rounds there will be. To start a Trivia Game, type:

/trivia [category] [rounds]

Flag Guesser (Multiplayer) 🎌

Also very fun to play with your friends! If you guess the correct answer, you get rewarded with Mora. To start, type:


Slots Machine (Singleplayer) 🎰

A good way to get Mora if you're lucky. You have to spend Mora to play though. Syntax:

/slots [mora] (The amount of Mora you want to bet)

How To Check Your Balance 💳

If you want to know how much Mora and Primogems you have, type:

/profile view

You can also see other people's profiles:

/profile view [@user]

Titles under your name vary from person to person (bot testers, helpers, users, etc.). Your banner image can be changed by typing:

/profile banner (Please make sure it follows discord guidelines!)

Quite interesting, isn't it? Consider adding Dori to your server today! If you have already added Dori, thank you so much for your support 💗

Disclaimer 📃

Dori Bot is not affiliated with Genshin Impact or Hoyoverse. All Genshin Impact related commands are only made for entertainment and no copyright infringement intended. Assets used by Dori rightfully belongs to Hoyoverse and their respective artists credited in the /help menu.

Suggestions and Feedback

Suggestions and feedback on Dori are highly appreciated. While the bot is still in development, I am also inexperienced as a developer, so your assistance means a lot! Let me know your thoughts in Dori Support Server, which you can find the link at the top. Thank you.

Plans For The Future ✨

Dori will soon come with an inventory system and many more games that make the wishing simulator a lot more worthwhile, so please continue supporting Dori!